Reuniting Lost Pets with Pet-Parents using our state of the art Pet-Identification technology

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Innovative Pet Retrieval Technology

Haachy helps you find your lost pet. Limited but expensive options currently in the market that work toward reuniting lost pets with their owners, hardly justify the cost and are far from fool proof. For example, pet insurance companies that offer lost pet services help identify your pet once they have been found, but do not actively search for them.

Haachy is a one stop silver bullet that uses Artificial Intelligence to solve all these problems and delivers better results, faster.

What is Haachy?

Haachy is a lost pet recovery and identification system that is built on cutting edge deep learning AI techniques that uses your pets photos to bring them home.While pet ID tags sometimes fall off and pet identification tattoos fade away over time ,we work with something your pet can never lose, its appearance ! We use photos to find your pet!

Our connective software works with your local SPCAs, animal shelters along with social media simultaneously to search for your pet.

We don’t stop until we find a match for your pet`s photo and you get him back!

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How It Works

Pet Image Identification

Haachy’s state-of-the-art algorithm utilizes the images and uniquely identifies your pet amongst thousands of others that get reported online or end up at the animal shelters !This then improves your chances at bringing your pet back home safe and sound faster than ever before!

Spread the word Faster

Stay connected by posting your dog’s photo in countless lost and found online communities through social media. We also help you save time by providing the best search results from shelter databases.

Advanced Search Filters

Use our advanced search filters to conveniently browse through posts based on your animal’s breed, the date they were lost, and countless other filter options. This creates better search results more likely to include your pet.

Location-based Posts

Your pet was likely lost in your neighborhood. That’s why we search through resources in your area such as city shelters and lost and found social media groups. Cut out irrelevant post results. Cut down the time your lost pet is gone and bring them home easily with Haachy!

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